Using Torus Wallet

If this is the first time you are executing a trade on Casperswap, don’t worry, we got you covered! The first step to execute a swap is to obtain CSPR testnet tokens by visiting the Casper Faucet. Each testnet user can mint up to 1K CSPR testnet tokens. Click “Sign In” to create a new wallet or connect an existing wallet.

If you don’t have a wallet, you will see a few choices presented. We will use the Torus Wallet.

Torus Wallet is another option for users who may be less experienced navigating non-custodial wallets. You can use Torus Wallet and sign in with a Google, Facebook, or another social media account. For more information on how this works, check out web3auth documentation

Once you sign in with your wallet, go back to the “Faucet” button under the “Tools” tab and request CSPR testnet tokens.

Congratulations! You have now obtained CSPR testnet tokens and are ready to execute your first swap on Casperswap.

Start by connecting your wallet to the Casperswap app. Click on “Connect Wallet” and you will see a pop-up that asks you which wallet to connect to the app. Casperswap currently supports Casper Wallet, MetaMask, and Torus Wallet.

Choose the Torus Wallet option. You will know that you are connected because your public account key will appear in the top right corner of the screen.

From here, you are ready to make a swap. Let’s run through a sample swap just so you are familiar with all of the inputs. Below, you will see an image with numbers 1-6. It is important to know how each one of these inputs will affect the swap outcome.

Using the dropdown menu, (1) select the token that you will be selling. In this case, we will be selling CSPR tokens. Next, look to the dropdown menu (2) to select the token that you will be purchasing. From the picture above, we are buying WETH tokens.

Now that we know the token pair involved in the swap, we must determine (3) the amount of CSPR tokens to sell for WETH. From a total balance of 300 CSPR tokens, we will swap 100 CSPR for WETH. Casperswap automatically calculates the conversion rate and shows us that we will receive (4) .778 WETH.

We want to double check that there is enough liquidity in the pool so that we do not incur massive slippage. Casperswap shows us the price impact (5) for this particular swap at .19%. Once we are happy with the inputs, we select the (6) “Swap” button!

To confirm the transaction, first make sure you are comfortable with the transaction fees associated with the swap, then click the “Confirm” button.

Congratulations, you just made your first swap on Casperswap!

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